Jorge Paredes

Jorge Paredes


My name is Jorge, I was born Tijuana Baja California, Mexico and was brought here to the United States at the age of 2. I have spend my entire life here in Phoenix, Arizona and would not move anywhere else (even thought its an inferno during the summer lol). The moment I fell in love with music was when I first bought my first cd, which was Linkin Park Hybrid Theory. I remember listening to that album nonstop, and still to this day, soon after I started listening to more and more rock bands. Fast forward to my high school years, I started discovering more music genres and become a music addict by that time. I then began thinking after I graduate I would like to do some with music but what. When I was signing up to go to Phoenix College, I was still uncertain what I wanted to do with music, so I talked to an advisor to help me out. The advisor told me about the Audio Production program they offered at PC, so I took it to see if could find the answer I was looking for. Once I took my 1st audio class, I knew I found my calling in life. Fast forward to the present time, I graduated from PC with my degree of Audio Production and Music Business. I walked out with skills to walk into any studio to record and mix any type of genre of music. One thing that life was shown me through this musical journey is that music can bring the world together. I really believe in the power of music and what it can do to people and the world. So my goal, now in life as an audio engineer, is to work with artists that share the same ideas as me, which is, believing music can bring a sort a peace to the world.


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